CPT Election Centre 14/11/2019

Welcome to the Confederation of Passenger Transport’s (CPT) Election Centre. This resource is designed to give you everything you need as a bus and coach operator to engage with candidates on the issues that matter to the industry and understand what each of the main parties is proposing in policy areas that impact bus and coach.

CPT’s priorities for government

CPT has produced two documents setting out the policies the next government needs to introduce to help the bus and coach industry continue to deliver for passengers, the economy and the environment. Our bus document was created alongside the Campaign for Better Transport.

Click here to read CPT’s priorities for government for bus

Click here to read CPT’s priorities for government for coach

Please share these documents with your local candidates and encourage them to support the proposals if they are elected.

Find my candidates

You can find out who is standing in your constituency be entering your postcode at the below website (you will be redirected to an external site). The deadline for candidates to register is 4pm on 14 November and search tools may take a few days to update following the deadline. 

Click here to find candidates in your constituency.

Getting in touch with candidates 

The election campaign is a great opportunity to tell those standing what you think they should be focusing on should they be elected as a Member of Parliament at the election. To help you contact your local candidates about bus and coach issues CPT has produced template letters or emails which you can access below. Remember it is always better to make any correspondence as personal as possible and don’t forget to share CPT’s priorities for government documents!

Click here to download a template letter for bus

Click here to download a template letter for coach

Manifesto analysis

CPT has compiled a manifesto analysis of what those seeking to form the next Government could mean for bus and coach. The latest version is available at the below link. 

Click here to read the manifesto analysis 

A short two minute video is also available where the main policies are discussed. 

Click here to watch the video