CPT reaction to NAO report on Improving local bus services in England 02/10/2020

Responding to the National Audit Office report on Improving Local Buses Services in England, CPT Chief Executive Graham Vidler said:

“We agree that a long term vision for bus is essential to help ensure a vibrant and sustainable network for passengers during the pandemic and beyond. The National Bus Strategy is the opportunity to set out this vision and it is vital that the strategy does not sit within a government silo as we need all of government focused on encouraging more people to travel by bus. The best way to do this is to put bus travel at the heart of transport networks across the country, speeding up journey times and giving people the confidence to travel by bus.

“ The report also rightly highlights the close partnership working between operators and local authorities during the pandemic, which remains the best way to deliver service improvements for passengers through and pandemic and beyond.”


You can find out more about the report here.