Bus and coach industry pays tribute to key workers 05/05/2020

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) along with operators is today thanking everyone in the bus and coach industry for the work they are doing during the Covid-19 outbreak to keep key services running.

Coronavirus has resulted in restrictions on movement across the UK, however there are many people who rely on these services to make essential journeys. This is why CPT and operators are thanking all workers who continue to make these journeys possible, by sharing messages of support for all teams involved.

Thanks to bus drivers, key workers are able to make their journeys to and from work, and people without access to a car can continue to make vital trips. Behind the scenes there are teams of engineers, cleaners, and transport managers working hard to keep buses safe to be on the roads, adjusting services to best serve the community, and keeping people updated on timetable changes. Coaches have also been crucial in keeping key workers moving, moving supplies of PPE and transporting those returning to the UK from abroad.  

CPT’s Graham Vidler said: “Many people rely on buses to make their essential journeys during the coronavirus crisis. Without the team effort of all those working in the bus and coach industry the emergency network for key workers would grind to a halt. Coaches are also playing a major role moving supplies, key workers and those returning from abroad in a safe and secure environment.  

“We just want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone working on the frontline and behind the scenes to make sure these journeys can continue.

“I encourage everyone to visit CPT’s Twitter feed to see the messages of support for the industry, and leave their own message too.” 


Transport Minister Baroness Vere said:

“The bus and coach industry is absolutely vital in our fight against this virus helping transport staff to the front line, ensuring people can make essential journeys to pick up food and medicine, and delivering essential supplies across the country.  

“To all our bus and coach drivers, along with all the teams working hard behind the scenes to ensure every journey is safe, clean and on time – thank you.”


Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson MSP said:

“I want to thank all bus and coach operators for all that they are doing to keep people moving on essential journeys.

 “I know there are countless examples of staff going above and beyond to help respond to this outbreak and we are grateful for all your efforts.”

Anyone who would like to see these messages of thanks should head to CPT’s Twitter feed, @CPT_UK. We encourage people to share their own story or message of thanks for bus and coach workers too, using the official hashtags #ThankYouBusWorkers or #ThankYouCoachWorkers.