Irizar Group on the future of low-emission transport 10/11/2020

Our second ‘future of fuel’ blog is from Irizar Group, who share their vision for the future of urban transport and the need for working together to make the transition to sustainable mobility.

Irizar is a business group with an international presence, which is currently involved in six sectors - passenger transport, electromobility, electronics, electric motors and generators, connectivity and energy.

An evolution of urban environments towards intelligent, more liveable and sustainable cities is approaching, where mobility and transport play an important role.

Our vision for the future is that urban transport is electric and medium and long distance passenger transport will evolve from natural gas to hydrogen in the coming years.

Within this context, technology plays a key role and our positioning strategy involves developing our own technology that provides pioneering solutions with which to successfully anticipate future challenges.

At the Irizar Group, we will continue to shape the future of mobility, developing and manufacturing turnkey solutions and services for energy-efficient, sustainable, intelligent, safe, connected public transport... without forgetting that we will always place people at the centre of our strategy.

Irizar e-mobility is the Irizar Group's new company dedicated to providing turnkey electromobility solutions to cities. Currently, electromobility accounts for almost 10% of total business and the prospects for the future mean that this growth and contribution will increase and accelerate in the coming years. These future prospects are based on the large and medium-sized European cities that are betting on the energy transition of their urban transport. Mobility is changing and progressing very quickly.

Energy transition and decarbonisation are two of the fundamental concerns facing Governments in social and economic development. Our sector develops sustainable mobility that, in turn, results in improvements in public health and the environment for society at large. A future in which public transport in coaches and buses is not a key player in this is unfathomable.

A difficult task lies ahead and it is a job we must take on with joint responsibility. Public leadership, governments, institutions, operators and manufacturers must all row in the same direction, so that the transition to sustainable mobility advances more quickly.

About Irizar Group

The Irizar Group have production operations in 13 production plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa in addition to its own R&D centre. It is a Group made up of more than 3,300 people, with a commercial presence in the continents and with a turnover of 700 million euros.

Founded in 1889, today, the Irizar Group is firmly committed to the brand, technology and sustainability.

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